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Is OuiShopp free to use?

Yes! It is completely free for app users and there is even a free version for ecommerce stores, influencers and stylists.

Can I shop on the same website with my friends at the same time?

Of course! In fact, you can shop any website in the world while connected LIVE with your friends in real time. You can either browse together and watch one of your screens as you help each other make shopping decisions or you can browse separately and mark items for advice when you're ready.

How do I invite friends?

After logging in, go to the Sprees/Chat tab. Click the + to start a new spree and invite anyone already on the app or directly from your contacts. They will receive a text message with your invite.

How do I send an item to friends for advice?

When you're shopping in the browser or on the feed and you want advice on an item, click the smiley heart eyes button and select "Send in a Spree" to send into a new or existing spree. You can also select "Send to Contacts" if your friends aren't on the app yet.

How do I find my friends using their username?

Head over to the discovery feed tab and use the search bar to type in their username. Then, add them as a friend!

Can I save items for later?

Yes! When on an item you love and want to save for later, click the smiley heart eyes button and select "Save for Later". Find your saved faves in the shopmark tab.


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