Shop live with your friends.

Say goodbye to lonely scrolling and hello to shared retail therapy! We all turn to friends to get advice on online shopping decisions. Now you can get and give advice, suggest items, and browse together LIVE using OuiShopp app. Go ahead and begin your first online shopping spree by downloading OuiShopp for free in the app store. 

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Go on virtual shopping sprees with your friends

Create or join spree chats with your friends, where you can collectively explore different stores and products. Invite up to 10 friends, coordinate for events, and experience the thrill of browsing together, sharing recommendations, and making exciting purchases in real-time. 

Go Live

Shop LIVE all together

Go live in any of your spree groups and shop LIVE with your friends in real time. Turn screen sharing on and see exactly which items each of you are shopping. Experience the joy of shopping together again.

Spree Chats

Send items into spree chats to get advice

Quickly and seamlessly get advice on items to help make purchase decisions when shopping solo.

Solo Browsing

Shop solo on any online store & save your favorite items or share with friends

Prefer to shop solo? Browse any online store and keep your shopping organized by saving your favorites or sending into a spree chat when you need advice.

Saved Faves

Access your saved items in the shopmark tab

Easily add products and prioritize your purchases without cluttering your shopping carts or losing track of items you would love to buy later.

Discovery Feed

Stay tuned for so much more in the Discovery feed

From discovering new products to attending exclusive free events held by your favorite brands, stylists and influencers, the Discovery Feed will become your best shopping tool. Coming soon to OuiShopp.

Integrate your Shopify Store with the click of a button

The innovative edge your store needs for faster buying decisions, less abandoned carts and more returning customers. Turn your store into a collaborative experience. Stream live shopping sprees to current and new customers. Drive sales to products that need boosting.

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Apply for an Influencer Account & drive sales to your affiliated products.

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Apply for a Personal Stylist Account to shop with clients & gain new ones.

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What OuiShopp Users Say...

"Shopping app of the future! Okay this is seriously the coolest app I’ve found and feel like it’s gonna blow up sooner than later. I think this is the next Instagram shopping for fashion brands. It’s so helpful for customers to decide on purchases and I will definitely be using this from now on with my friends! Definitely going to help the fashion industry a ton (as I work in fashion)!!! Get it!!!!!"


"Simplified shopping. This is the app I didn’t know I needed! I’m always sending shopping links to friends to help me decide if something is worth buying. Oui shop makes it so easy to have everything in one place. I can get my friends’ advice and really check things off my shopping list."


"Awesome New Unique App I’m surprised this didn’t already exist! This app allows you to socially “shopp” online with your friends. No more sending tons of links and screenshots over messenger. Finally a good new concept!"