The World's First Shopping Spree App

The World's First Shopping Spree App has arrived. OuiShopp enables users to shop online with friends in real time. We've all been waiting for this.

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The World's First Shopping Spree App

Do you shop online? Dumb question, we know you do. We also know you often seek out advice from friends and family before you make purchases. Think about it, when's the last time you texted or emailed a link to a friend? Probably yesterday, maybe today. We have all always done this. Back in the day we'd grab our friends and hit the mall but with the changing times we lost the ability to go on those fun shopping sprees with each other since online shopping has way better inventory and most of us are spread out geographically. So, we decided we'd step up to the plate and bring shopping sprees back, only this time, online!

Simply by downloading OuiShopp for free in the iOS app store, you can then invite your friends to custom shopping Sprees.

Shop on any online store together from anywhere in the world.

A little more about what you can do on OuiShopp...

  • Shop solo on the browser and items into Spree chats to get advice before making a purchase
  • Shop LIVE with friends on any online store while connected via video and voice
  • View each other shop and follow along to give quick advice in an instant and make decisions together
  • Save items you love for later so you don't lose links on items you were still deciding on

And soon...

  • Attend Spree Events hosted by stores, influencers and personal stylists
  • Shop with your favorite influencers
  • Book shopping sessions with a personal stylist
  • Browse the Discovery Feed for products you love and upcoming events

Stay tuned for so much more! For now, download OuiShopp and start your first Spree!